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Hello & Welcome! My name is Brandy Simison. I founded All-Star Kiddos after working with families and in schools as a Child Behavior Specialist to discover first-hand the huge need for teaching children social-emotional skills, life-preparedness skills, and how to learn new information.


Today All-Star Kiddos provides a preschool and after-school program that develops children social-emotionally, academically, and in life preparedness.


We also serve in the school to help teachers, as well as entire school districts, and other education-based institutions, to utilize Restorative Correction™: a sustainable discipline procedures that meet Washington State OSPI standards and regulations.


Our commitment is to nurture, develop, and inspire children to their fullest potential. We pride ourselves on creating programs to that end. I hope you find what you're you're looking for. Please feel free to reach out to me, brandy@allstarkiddos.com. Are you ready to see your child progress with All-Star Kiddos? Apply or schedule a tour today.

Brandy Simison, Founder,

Child Behavior Specialist

Joint Venture Partner

Does your child have a learning or developmental delay?


Please meet Hal! Hal Katernick is the originator of the brain training method called the Katernick Method of Cognitive Processing Development. His programs are clinically proven to build cognitive processing skills that cause brain development typically resulting in significant academic and general improvement.


Mr. Katernick’s cognitive development method is known for resolving dyslexia, APD, other learning disorders of many kinds, and many symptoms associated with: Autism, ADHD, Social Pragmatic Communication Disorder, Apraxia, Dyspraxia and other cognitive processing disorders.


All clients take the Woodcock Johnson-III Test of Cognitive Abilities before and after undergoing Hal's program. The Katernick Method involves a distinct isolation of cognitive performance strengths and weaknesses, and allows for observation, discussion, understanding, and development to outstanding levels. All cognitive development is customized to the individual even when working in a group. From 2006 to present, Mr. Katernick’s method has been used as an applied intervention for multiple research case studies with children, adolescents, and adults who have learning disorders of multiple kinds.

Hal Katernick

Cognitive Development Specialist

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