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Our Child Development curriculum comprises a whole-child development program that facilitates daily school-age success by teaching executive functioning skills, self-regulation, social skills, empathy, relationship skills, practical life skills, yoga + mindfulness.

In A Nutshell:


Ages: 5-11 years old

Days: 2019-20 School Year Days

Time: After-school time for ISD & SVSD elementary schools.

Location: 30355 SE Highpoint Way Preston, WA 98050

Phone: 425-526-4600

- Life Skill Development: Cooking & Nutrition, Sewing, Money Management, Basic Outdoor Survival, etc.

- SEL (Social-Emotional Learning): Emotion Regulation + Social Skills, and Empathy + Relationship Skills.

- Learning Advancement: Executive Function Skill Building (great for learning to manage ADHD).

- Yoga + Mindfulness

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Please note we are currently working to update our calendar on this page. Please do not rely on the calendar for the most up-to-date information. Contact Brandy at: or 425-526-4600 with any questions you need answered.

More About Our Curriculum:

Life skill development. We focus on learning life skills that will serve students well throughout their life. Such skills include: cooking & nutrition, sewing, money management, outdoor survival skills, "street smarts" (how to be safe & alert in an urban setting), public speaking, and meditation. Each month is dedicated to learning a different life enriching skill. The month of October is dedicated to learning sewing. Students are sewing trick-or-treat bags!

Yoga + Mindfulness offers essential life management skills that allowkids to access inner resources like their breath, body and mindset in times of stress. When kids can activate their inner resources, they can meet challenges with a sense of personal power, and thrive in a wide variety of circumstances. 

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL). We have two different focused SEL classes: Emotion Regulation & Social Skills and Empathy & Relationship Skills. Each class teaches emotional reaction management skills and interpersonal skills, then allows for the opportunity to practice the learned skills, in real-time, with peers during free time. Each class is taught by Child Behavior Specialist, Brandy Simison. If you are unsure which class(es) are most appropriate for your child, please call Brandy at: 425-526-4600 to help you identify the best option.

There are a total of 4 class times available. You may choose 1-4 of these classes. Each class has a different activity to eliminate redundancy and further build knowledge and skills. 

Learning Advancement. Executive functioning + tutoring. During this class, children are provided with activities that build their executive functioning skills. Then they engage in active learning via their choice of movement and are assisted to make connections to their learnings with real-world experiences from their interests or prior experiences. We end with self-reflection to solidify learnings. Children's actual schoolwork is utilized.

Taylor, a teenage volunteer, helps to teach sewing class.

New Friendships are Formed at Social-Emotional Learning Class

Video Illustration of How We Facilitate Learning

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I enroll? Is there an enrollment fee?

Click any "Enroll Now For Free" button to follow the simple steps to enroll your child(ren). The enrollment process only takes 90 seconds on average to complete. You will NOT be asked for any form of payment. There is an enrollment fee ($200) that you will pay AFTER you have been contacted by All-Star Kiddos and choose to move forward with enrollment.

Do you help with homework?

Yes, we provide homework help for all children enrolled in Learning Advancement class. If you are bringing your child for a different class homework help may be arranged before class depending upon your situation. 

Do you offer your programming on parent/teacher conference days or during spring break, etc.?

Yes, we currently offer "All-Star Camp!" on half-days and non-student days and are closed during the same holiday breaks as the school district calendar. Please see our calendar above for precise dates.

Please note: We are not a childcare facility. We do not assume full responsibility for your child during their time with us. You are expected to be immediately available for an emergency. We are happy to share our on-site waiting areas with you. 

Meet The Lead Teacher

Brandy Simison is a Child Behavior Specialist and is the Founder of All-Star Kiddos. Her passion for helping children succeed is at the forefront of All-Star Kiddos. She is the lead teacher of the after-school program.


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