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The mission of All-Star Kiddos is to realize the full potential of each child and to drive a new era of growth & advancement in inspiring and developing young minds. All   of our programs are designed to that end. We provide a preschool, after-school program, summer camps, family centered program, and a classroom discipline policy. To schedule a consultation call, click here or the button below.

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All-Star Kiddo Program™

The All-Star Kiddo Program™ is our signature program. It is for elementary age children who are struggling to listen at home, control their emotions, and curb their antisocial behavior tendencies.


The All-Star Kiddo program builds new daily habits in your child and develops the attributes of willing to be in unison, adapting well to change, forward thinking, kindness to self and others, insight into own emotions and emotions of others. 

If you find yourself frustrated with your child's behavior tendencies at home and concerned about certain social behavior tendencies, apply now. The All-Star Kiddo Program is guaranteed to bring about positive growth in your child; it is commonly described as a positive "turning point" for your child in their formative years.

Restorative Correction™

Classroom Discipline Policy

Restorative Correction™ works to provide educators with tools & techniques to sustainably correct unhealthy behavior. The policy framework is based in Restorative Justice® and the principles are based in Love & Logic® ( 

Restorative Correction™ meets Washington State legislative standards and regulations. The discipline policy, procedures, and its development, review, and distribution is in full compliance with WAC 392-400-110.

Restorative Correction™ is a set of principles and precepts that guide the technique of correction within the classroom setting. Teachers in schools and other education-based institutions utilize Restorative Correction™ in classrooms of 5 year olds to 18 year olds.


We are fully committed to the highest level of training that enable every educator to carry-out discipline that sets-up and maintains an optimum learning environment. Please click the "learn more" button below to be taken to a page dedicated to Restorative Correction™. 

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