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Here at All-Star Academy we focus on whole child development. We develop each child's mind, body, character, and spirit to their full potential. We offer research-based & data-driven curriculum. Cognitive ability development that prevents/resolves dyslexia and clinically advances a child's cognitive abilities to their potential (before & after clinical results provided). Social-Emotional Learning woven into nearly every aspect of the day. Daily meditation, mindfulness, and yoga. Foundational Christian values and beliefs taught via fun, interactive lessons that challenge and inspire children toward God. 


We inspire and develop the mind with The Creative Curriculum® , Accelerating Young Minds® (AYM) Individual Instruction Program and Cognitive Ability Advancement training.


The Creative Curriculum® is a research-based curriculum that features exploration and discovery as a way of learning. The brain only retains information it finds to be useful  and interesting. This way of learning is known to enable children to develop confidence, creativity, and lifelong critical thinking skills. 


Accelerating Young Minds® Program presents useful and interesting, simulated real-life scenarios involving experiences for decision making, creativity, analysis, or action. As children absorb, feel and live into each new experience, specialized areas of the brain are cross-connected to build new cognitive networks. Further, Accelerating Young Minds® delivers data-driven detailed performance reports that include everything from cognitive development data to progress toward meeting State and Core Standards. Each report is delivered to teachers and parents in real time, and offers action plans that are simple to interpret. This is extremely useful because when a child's cognitive strengths and deficiencies are identified, you can pinpoint why a child is having difficulty reading, conceptualizing math, or composing sentences or paragraphs. Affording our teachers the opportunity to develop underdeveloped areas. 

Cognitive Ability Advancement Training is a cutting-edge, clinically driven and verified, cognitive ability development program. Your child will first take the Woodcock Johnson Test of Cognitive Abilities administered by an outside clinician (included in tuition). The test results will provide your child's predicted achievement and intellectual ability scores. Your child will subsequently be guided to perform various drills, or "games" on the trampoline. These drills will advance your child's cognitive development in the areas they need it most and, accordingly, raise your child's intellectual abilities and predicted achievement. This program alone raises your child's intellectual abilities and predicted achievement; we are thrilled to combine it with research and data-based curriculum.

Cognitive Ability Advancement Training

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Student Data Report Example

Social-Emotional Learning

We develop student's character by incorporating Social-Emotional Learning into the day. We provide activities that teach emotion regulation, social skills, relationship skills, and responsible decision making. 

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